Look good in your underwear


In today’s fashion-oriented world, modern men must look their absolute best from head to toe every day, (including under their clothes)! The days when men could neglect their underwear drawer are over. But fear not, looking good with your clothes off is now only three easy steps away. Soon you’ll be looking great in your new Garçon Models in no time!

1. Get only the best quality

Garçon Model provides some of the highest-quality underwear for everyday purposes. Our durable stretch microfiber fabric delivers amazing moisture management for your active lifestyle - whether for a long day at work or hitting the gym. Our special blend of nylon and elastane mesh also brings an ultra-soft fit that sculpts your body to perfection. Adding to this, a smooth silk-like touch waistband, tagless care label and iron-free technology, Garçon Model gives you the ultimate comfort, breathability and range of motion.

2. Mix up your underwear styles – try something new

Don’t make the mistake of always buying the same type of underwear. Like with the rest of your wardrobe, make an effort to have a diverse selection to choose from. Garçon Model provides a wide range of underwear styles, whether it be classic boxers, sleek back-printed logo trunks or more traditional (with a sexy twist) briefs. Bonus: They all come in an awesome wide range of color options. If the last pair of underwear you bought was boxers, try briefs next time, and vice versa. Chances are you and the lucky someone who gets to see you in your underwear will appreciate the change.

3. Clean up your underwear drawer regularly

Make sure to clean up your underwear drawer at least every six months. If you find torn or faded underwear, throw them away, and make room for some fun new additions. With new styles coming out regularly there are no excuses to wear your old skivvies. So take pride in your style and always stay fresh with Garçon Model!