It's what's underneath that counts


The past decade has seen men’s underwear undergo a massive revolution. Around the world, men now view this item of clothing as the foundation of their style and look. Propelled by the growing numbers of fashion icons gracing covers and billboards in major cities everywhere, these are the three main reasons why you should take notice and trust Garçon Model with your underwear:


1. Style expectations underneath your trousers

We all appreciate the look of our partner in attractive attire. Nowadays more than ever, this holds true for men’s underwear. Today, male underwear ads ooze style and sex appeal. This trend has put demands on the modern man to adopt the same attention to style when it comes to his underwear. With Garçon Model’s classic and bold style, you will never fail to impress.


2. Enhance your profile below the waist

You can get a wide range of cuts and styles from Garçon Model to suit your body type perfectly. Our ultra-luxe sueded microfiber fabric hugs your body for comfort and shape retention while accentuating your assets. With clean and sharp designs, Garçon Model, assists your body in becoming the star! So go ahead, flaunt it!


3. You don’t need to settle

With Garçon Model, the world is your playground and men have gained access to sleek, masculine, and most of all… comfortable underwear! This means you can get exactly the type of underwear cut, color and design you prefer. So let your imagination run wild, browse the pages of our website, and try something new.