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Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear -

Introducing the Elite Sport Collection

Drumroll please… Garçon Model is excited to present its new sportswear collection, the ELITE SPORT! This new collection keeps the fashion forward athlete in mind, balancing function and flare with a new waistband, a sharp sporty look, and contrasting colours.

Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear - Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear -
“We edited down to the essentials, then added a hint of athletic accents and modern colors that work in and out of the gym.” — Garçon Model.

Garçon Model Underwear - Elite Sport Collection 4 Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear -  The Elite Sport is made of eco-friendly bamboo fabric that is ultra-soft, lightweight and extremely breathable. Bamboo is also the ideal fabric for underwear because it naturally deodorizes, and is extremely durable. So whether you’re heading to the gym or just out and about, this will become your staple underwear.

Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear - Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear - Once again, Garçon Model was able to create an instant classic collection sure to please all men looking for a looking for a modern versatile look.

Garçon Model has quickly positioned itself as one of the most well respected and exciting men’s underwear brands. Make sure to check them out at

Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear - Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear -

And don’t miss their new pics shot by celebrity photographer Marco Ovando.

Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear - Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear - Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear - Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear - Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear - Elite Collection - Men's underwear - sportswear -


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31 pair - Underwear Value Pack

Meet Our Value Packs!

Garçon Model is all about making guys’ life a little better. From the moment you put on our underwear in the morning until the moment you take them off at night, your day just seems to improve.

Wearing your sexy and comfortable Garçon Model underwear is something that you look forward to doing because the microfiber that we use separates ours from the other underwear in your drawer.

And in an effort to make your life even more carefree, we’re putting together an underwear shopping experience that puts your underwear shopping on autopilot. For those who are too busy to spend time to buy their underwear, Garçon Model now offers multi-packs with our famous, high-quality underwear packaged in quantities of 7 pairs (a week), 31 pairs (a month), or our ultimate pack with a year’s worth of underwear (365 pairs).

365 pair - Underwear Value Pack

This makes stocking your underwear drawer with the most comfortable brand on the market an experience that’s easy and convenient. Why spend time looking for the underwear you’ll be wearing when we can ship you all of your underwear in one box?

With so many decisions and tasks to do in your day, buying your underwear shouldn’t be something that you need to dwell over. Buying your underwear in a pack gives you the satisfaction of a one-stop shopping experience that sets you up with enough underwear to last you up to a year with a brand new pair each and every day.

Buy your Garçon Model underwear pack today and save time and money.

7 pair - Underwear Value Pack 31 pair - Underwear Value Pack



5 Men’s Underwear Myths You Should Stop Believing

When it comes to men’s underwear and the men who wear them, there are a few common myths that some guys haven’t put to rest. At Garçon Model, we have researched the top trends in underwear for men, and our studies have indicated that some of the common beliefs are just myths.

Moms (wife) are the ones to buy underwear for their men.

This may be true for a small percentage of guys, but our research has indicated that men do in fact enjoy the underwear that they purchased for themselves more than the underwear that is bought by the woman in their life. Moms are responsible for the clothes shopping for their sons, but usually that begins to change shortly after he hits puberty. He’ll want to look and feel better – retiring the comic-print boy briefs or baggy boxers for something more fitting and comfortable.

The most common style for the teenage guy who shops for his own underwear (even when Mom is paying for them) is boxer briefs – the gateway from baggy boxers to sexier styles that he’ll discover as he gets older. The Trunks by Garçon Model are the perfect choice for these guys – it’s a well-made square-cut boxer brief that helps to introduce guys to underwear that looks and feels amazing.

Cheap 3 packs as are good as the expensive stuff.

We have all heard the adage, “You get what you pay for” and that definitely extends to underwear. A cheap pair of underwear is something you don’t want to wish upon your worst enemy. Poorly designed and constructed underwear rides up, bunches, and crushes your goods – making your day a miserable experience as you’re continually adjusting your underwear and pulling at your junk in public.

It’s annoying, embarrassing, and uncomfortable for everyone to witness – let alone for the guy living it.
On the other hand, a well-made pair of underwear sits well on your body and keeps everything in its place. You feel better throughout the day, and you’re not distracted or embarrassed when you have to adjust your underwear – because you don’t need to be.

Nobody cares about your underwear.

This is false reasoning that the guys who wear ugly or ill-fitting underwear tell themselves to justify wearing their threadbare and stained underwear. But we all know that’s not true. Guys check out other guys to see what they’re wearing – from the shoes to clothes to the underwear underneath it all. They may do this for fashion pointers or to satisfy their curiosity – but our studies indicate that guys do in fact want to see what other guys are wearing under it all. So remember that the next time you’ve got your underwear drawer open and you’re deciding what to wear.

Commando is better.

Commando is gross. You sweat, you perspire, and you get stinky. Not to mention the sensation of walking around without any underwear can cause arousal. Do you really want to be walking around like Quasimodo, all hunched over so that other people can’t see your bulging crotch?

Underwear serves a function. It keeps you contained and reduces the risk of a spontaneous erection, provides fabric for moisture absorption, and helps to keep odors to a minimum.

(Real) Men don’t care about underwear.

There was a book released in the 1990s that said, “Real men don’t eat quiche” – and its absurdness is only matched by the comment, “Real men don’t care about underwear.”

Guys love to look sexy – and a good-looking pair of underwear is the foundation to a guy’s outfit. It’s the first thing they put on, and the last thing they take off. It’s there to get them through the day without having to adjust their crotch or hide a spontaneous erection, and when a guy has on a pair of underwear that they enjoy wearing, they feel happier and more content.

Whoever said real men don’t care about underwear has never wore a pair of Garçon Model underwear – our underwear is made from a microfibre that keeps you comfortable and dry all day long. If you’re not 100% happy with your underwear, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re happy with your Garçon Model underwear.

Jules Horn in Garçon Model underwear by Skye Tan

The Men Who Wear Sexy Underwear

Men choose to wear sexy underwear because they want to look and feel good.

Sexy underwear is the foundation of a man’s style – it’s the first thing he puts on in the morning – and the last thing he takes off at night. A pair of underwear should reflect his personality – or how he wants to project himself onto the world. Choosing a pair of underwear that’s both bold and revealing could conflicting to some, but Garçon Model believes that this complexity is the basis of most men today.

Jules Horn in Garçon Model underwear by Skye Tan

Men want to be bold – to take the initiative and go for their goals. But they also want to reveal a side of them that’s soft and sensitive. And that’s what our underwear does.

It tells those who are lucky enough to see a pair of Garçon Model on someone else that the wearer is in tune with their sexuality – they’re sensitive enough to wear neon pink or baby blue, yet bold enough to choose a body-hugging pair of underwear that feels great all day.

Our underwear for men has been tested with in-the-field research, and the results told us that guys want to wear underwear that’s bright and colourful, sleek and sexy, and most importantly – feels great.

Jules Horn in Garçon Model underwear by Skye Tan 1

Garçon Model underwear is the pair that you can wear to the gym, to the club, or all day at the office or school. We made our underwear for the man who want to feel great about his body – no matter the type of body he has. This is why guys love to show themselves off in their Garçon Model.

We have had lots of guys submit their photos via their social media accounts, and all of the men who wear Garçon Model underwear adorn our briefs, boxers, and jocks because they want to feel and look their best. That’s why we’re taking the underwear world by storm.

Our most recent photo shoots with models like Vin Los and >>> illustrate that our underwear is what men want to wear. It’s sexy underwear that guys look great in, and wear all day long because it’s cut just right.

Jules Horn in Garçon Model underwear by Skye Tan

The hashtag #garconmodel shows guys on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram showing off how sexy they look in our underwear – and we can’t wait to see how YOU look in your Garçon Model. Upload your photo of you wearing your favourite Garçon Model underwear for your chance to win a free pair. We select the guy with the most likes or shares from each social network each month – and send them a fresh pair.